These are functions that can be used to upload and analyze (social) networks.

Upload Networks

The app can analyze any network in the Pajek “.net” format (see here for more information). You should:

Here is an example of a correct network file (directed, weighted):

*Vertices 6
1 "v1"
2 "v2"
3 "v3"
4 "v4"
5 "v5"
6 "v6"
2 6 1
3 4 10
3 5 1
4 5 5
4 1 1
5 6 1
5 1 3
6 3 1


Validating networks after the upload is mandatory. Only if the validation succeeds could you proceed with the analysis. Please click on Validate Networks after the upload.

Network Analysis

These functions allow the calculation of different social network analysis metrics or the transformation of the uploaded networks.

Network Measures

The Analysis field can be used to calculate the following metrics:

Network Transformation



The similarity functions produce a similarity matrix, or a similarity list, as a result. The higher the value in a matrix cell, the more similar the corresponding networks.

All the other functions produce a table with nodes in the first column and the different metrics in the subsequent columns, calculated for each network provided as input (the network name appears at the end of each column label). Some metrics may be indicated with different labels to specify, for example, if arc weights or directionality were considered during the calculation (e.g., “betw_UNdir” indicates scores of betweenness centrality, calculated disregarding the direction of the network arcs).

When network transformation is applied, the output will be a new “.zip” file with the transformed networks.