These are additional functions that can be used to upload and analyze social networks.

Upload Networks

The app can analyze any network in the Pajek “.net” format (see here for more information). Please:

Here is an example of a correct network file (directed, weighted):

*Vertices 6
1 "v1"
2 "v2"
3 "v3"
4 "v4"
5 "v5"
6 "v6"
2   6 1
3   4 10
3   5 1
4   5 5
4   1 1
5   6 1
5   1 3
6   3 1


Validating networks after the upload is mandatory. Only in the case validation succeeds you could proceed with the analysis. Please click on “Validate Networks” after the upload.

Network Analysis

The module allows the calculation of different social network analysis metrics.



Network Draw

The module can be used to draw simple networks. Trying to draw large networks will take too much time. For this purpose, as well as for more complex visualizations, please use another software such as Gephi.