Content Fetching

The app has some tools for content fetching, from social media and other sources.


The app can be used to fetch tweets through the Twitter API. This system works only with V2 ACCESS, not with previous versions of the API.


Please refer to the Twitter documentation in order to obtain the API Keys (that are necessary to use the Twitter fetcher). Please also be aware of the API limits, which might change depending on Twitter policy.

Search Query


Starts the fetcher and collects the tweets that match the search query. Tweets can be downloaded and subsequently uploaded in the app for the analysis. In case of errors, the fetcher can also be stopped.


A CSV file where the comma is used as separator.


Researchers and companies can request access to this news portal directly contacting Telpress International. The company collects online and offline news from all over the world, with a special focus on Italy. Files are downloaded in a format ready for the SBS BI app.