These are additional functions that complement the main SBS analysis and reports.


This function can find keywords in the uploaded text file (the algorithm is based on TF-IDF). The function can also extract bigrams.

Please specify the CSV separator, the maximum number of keywords, the language of the analysis (for stemming) and the percentage of text to analyze. A value of 1 for this last field means that the full text will be analyzed; lower values indicate a lower percentage of text to analyze (e.g., 0.5 = the initial 50% of each document).

You could also specify whether to extract keywords from the full dataset, or whether to consider separate time intervals.

Word Cloud

This function generates a word cloud, based on a list of keywords and weights.

Please upload a single CSV file (utf-8 format), with two columns - the first containing words and the second one weights. The first row (header) will be ignored. Through the form you will be able to choose the shape and color of the word cloud and the maximum number of words to show.

Text Analysis

The module allows the calculation of some additional textual and semantic metrics for the input documents. A brief description is provided in the following sections.


Basic textual metrics are calculated at every run (such as the number of types and tokens, for each document). In addition, you can choose to carry out these other analyses:


Optional parameters

Image Explorer

This module allows an in-depth analysis of the “SBS_associations.csv” file produced by the main SBS analysis. Please upload the “SBS_associations.csv” file previously produced by the SBS analysis without changing its name or content (encoding must always be utf8).


Basic textual metrics are calculated at every run (such as counting the number of associations). In addition, you can choose to carry out these other analyses:

Sentiment is not an option here, as it is already calculated for each brand (and time interval) by the main SBS analysis (which has been used to produce the SBS_associations.csv file).


Three files are generated by the Image Explorer module:

Corpus Cleaner

This function can be used to pre-process text data, to clean the text and with the option to remove stop-words and perform language stemming or lemmatization.