SBS and Topic Modeling

These functions produce the main analyses and reports offered by our app. They calculate the Semantic Brand Score and generate graphical reports according to the uploaded text file and the chosen parameters.

Interpretation of reports

For a more comprehensive description of graphs and full examples, you might check the papers listed here or watch the videos on this YouTube channel.

The report main graphs are also briefly described in the following and an example is provided here:

Processed Input

You have the possibility to download processed input files. In these files, you will find the original documents organized by periods of analysis. The original text is preprocessed according to the parameters configuration (e.g., removal of stopwords, stemming, general cleaning, etc.). Source weights are retained if present, and an additional column indicates the document number.


The software lets you download the semantic networks generated for each analysis period. Networks are saved in the Pajek “.net” format (see here for more information or look at the Networks page).

Downloadable Results

These are the files with the full results of the main analysis, the same used to generate the graphical reports. For a complete description, we recommend participating in an SBS BI workshop. Please unzip the file for a proper view of the results. We list and briefly describe each file here:

Saved Reports

On this page, you can see your saved reports and delete those you do not need anymore. Please consider that every user has a maximum number of reports that can be saved. After this limit is reached, you have to delete old reports to save new ones.